Welcome to X-Nation, an organisation of people who are not bound by the conventional constraints of nationality or any other collectivist structures. That is not to say we do not share common objectives, rather that we will seek to achieve them through democratic and transparent collaboration, instead of hierarchy.

X-Nation's objective is to build the infrastructure that facilitates equitable social and economic interactions without the requirement of centralised control systems - from encrypted messaging apps to the decentralised Internet. Inevitably, this will mean adopting the tools and fabric of the decentralised world - cryptography to ensure privacy, distributed ledgers to ensure transaparency and security, and smart contracts for consistency and efficiency.

If you believe you can contribute resources to the organisation - relevant skillset or capital - you are welcome to join us. However, membership is strictly by referral. If you have arrived here by referral, create your pseudonymous account then send us a message, including the public address of the person who referred you.

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